Executive Committee
Jack Brown, President
David Peterson, President-elect
Christopher Holden, Vice President
Wayne Spencer, Treasurer
Geana Delisle, Secretary
John J. Maihos, Immediate Past President
Ed Murphy, Finance Chair, ex-officio
Chris Holden, Investment Chair
Daryl Sylvia
Wanda Baril
William Jenkins

Finance Committee
(Elected by Board)
​Ed Murphy, Chair (2017)
Chris Holden (2018)
David Peterson (2019)
Wayne Spencer (appointed)

Investment Committee
(Elected by Board)
Chris Holden, Chair (2018)
​David Peterson (2017)
Ed Murphy (2019)
Wayne Spencer (Appointed)

Nominating Committee
(Recommended by Executive Committee)
​David Peterson
Irene Kucinski
Wanda Baril

Public Relations
George Delisle

Foundation Bylaws and Policy Committee
(One member must be on Executive Committee)

Fundraising Committee

Scholarship Committee

Grant Committee
​Al Paul - Chair
Ava Adams
Irene Kucinski
Adam Wright  

KPTI Advisory Committee (2016-2017)
(Mandated in KPTI Advisory Bylaws with Tufts)
Jack Brown, President 
David Peterson, President-elect 
Geana Delisle, Secretary
John Maihos, Immediate Past President
William Jenkins, Governor 2016-2017

MFA - Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico
Certified Public Accountants & Consultants
1 Highwood Dr, Tewksbury, MA 01876
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