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Of course, $245,000 in 1978 does not have the same value today. We need to INCREASE our endowment so we can better support our signature program in New England. "Strive for Five" was introduced in 2007 as a first step "Toward Topping Ten." Truly, a $10-million endowment is where we need to be!

Please give generously to KFNE, whether you are a Kiwanian or not. Not a Kiwanian? JOIN! We'd love to have you consider our organization. Please fill out this membership inquiry form and someone will contact you.

KFNE programs help prevent pediatric trauma by educating young children and parents. Learn more about the programs of the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute. You'll learn why this is so important!

Please give generously.
In 1978, the Kiwanis Foundation of New England voted to support a pediatric trauma center at Boston's Floating Hospital for Children with $245,000 annually. Fundraising continued for many years, reaching this goal, until in 1990, an endowment fund was created to raise $3-million to yield $245,000.
Foundation RED Jackets and Crest Upgrade
All Kiwanians can show their support for programs of KFNE by investing $1000 (as a one-time gift or paid over time.) A Red Jacket is proper attire at any event of the Foundation. Download the form and you can fill it in on your computer.
Details Here (Red Jacket PDF Order Form.)

CREST UPGRADES (each level is an addition $1,000 donation.

If you already have a Red Jacket (Level 1), upgrade your support to 
                    Level 2 - Trauma
                    Level 3 - Cantor
                    Level 4 - Esteemed
                    Level 5 - District Fellow or Lady
                    Level 6 - Kiwanis Fellow or Lady
                    Level 7 - Founding Fellow or Lady
                    Level 8 - President's Council
                    Level 9 - Leadership Council or 
                    Level 10 - Honor Council

Upgrade Details Here (PDF form.)
Your Support is Needed and Appreciated!
Here's How To Give
John D. Morton Society

Being a member of the Morton Society will distinguish you as supporting the Foundation with an unrestricted gift. Donations start at $25 to receive a Morton Pin. A uniquely-numbered Morton Medal will be presented to you with a cash gift of $5,000. You can also receive a Morton Medal with a "legacy gift" of $5,000 or more. Simple wording in a will, or the naming of KFNE in an insurance policy can accomplish a "legacy gift." Get a list of Morton Medal recipients and learn more here
Red Jackets and Upgrades          Morton Society           Annual Gift          Smile.Amazon.com
Annual Gifts from Kiwanis Clubs & Individuals
CLUBS: The Foundation counts on local Kiwanis Clubs to continue an annual gift. Program fees, emerging needs, and overhead are all real expenses that need to be addressed. KFNE truly appreciates an annual gift of $12.00 per member or a minimum of $150.00 if your club has fewer than 15 members. Annual Gift Form for 2020 COMING!

INDIVIDUALS: Become a Sustaining Member with an individual donation of $100, $50 or $25.
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Kiwanis Foundation of New England. 

JUst shop through smile.amazon.com (pricing is NO DIFFERENT) and a percentage will be given BY AMAZON to our Foundation.

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